Call for papers: Digit researchers edit special issue of Cambridge Journal of Economics

2 March 2021

Digit researchers have issued a call for papers for a special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Economics on the Future of Work and Working Time.

Professor Brendan Burchell (University of Cambridge), Professor Simon Deakin (University of Cambridge), Professor Jill Rubery (University of Manchester) and Professor David Spencer (University of Leeds), all Digit Co-Investigators, will co-edit the special issue.

The deadline for papers to be submitted is 30 September 2021 and more details on the application process can be found on the journal website.

The Call for Papers states:

The idea that technology will ‘free’ people from work has persisted through time…. Debates in the present suggest that technology is (or is about to) erode the basis for employment in society. Digitalisation of work through new technologies such as big data and machine learning has been one of the drivers of this new interest in the future of employment.

More recently, the use of short-time working as a reaction to the dramatic reduction in the demand for labour due to COVID-19 has also focused minds on the possible advantages of a general reduction in time spent in full-time waged work… but despite the large number of academics and policy makers showing renewed interest in working hours, there remain many unresolved issues in this debate that have not received serious academic analysis. A key objective of the Special Issue is to further understanding of the future of work and working time, including the prospects and possibilities for work time reduction.

Read the full Call for Papers

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