Call for papers: Summer School on digital transformation and its impact on workers

23 February 2023

WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre have issued a call for papers for a Summer School in Berlin in June 2023.

The Summer School will focus on ‘Digital Transformation: Technical progress and its impact on workers‘ and is open to PhD students and early career researchers from the Digit and the Digit Doctoral Network, Leeds University Business School, WZB or the Weizenbaum Institute.

The school is being organised by Prof. Martin Krzywdzinski, Jonas Ferdinand, Daniel Schneiß (WZB), Prof. Vera Trappmann, Digit Co-Director Prof. Mark Stuart, Denis Neumann and Carlos Montano Garcia (LUBS).

Technological change and multiple crises

The simultaneity of rapid technological change and multiple crises pose an enormous challenge to the working classes worldwide. It has significant effects on the world of work, employment relations, and the global economy. Research on industrial relations is of utmost importance in evaluating this change.

The summer school will be organised around three themes. Participants submitting an abstract should indicate which session their paper fits into:

  1. In search of new methods? Digital sociology and labour
  2. The boundaries of the concept of the employment relationship in (dispersed) digitalised workplaces
  3. Worker agency and organisational (mis-)behaviour: How to conceptualise workers’ agency in digitalised workplaces?

Application process

Prospective participants should submit an abstract of no more than 300 words by 1st March 2023.  Please read the full call for papers before sending in your submission.

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