Call for papers: Special Issue on digital work in healthcare

26 January 2023

Digit researchers are will be Guest Editors of a special issue in the Social Science & Medicine journal on ‘Resistance, tensions and consent to digital working in healthcare’.

Prof. Dimitra Petrakaki (University of Sussex), Prof. Andy Charlwood (University of Leeds), Dr. Petros Chamakiotis, ESCP Business School) and Dr. Emma Russell (University of Sussex) have issued a call for papers.  The issue will seek to understand what can be learnt from previous manifestations of digital healthcare work to improve understanding and assist in identifying salient theoretical, practical and empirical issues in a post-pandemic world.

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is the 1st September 2023.

The call for papers states: “We invite submissions that analyse (from micro to macro levels) changes in clinical work practices, how healthcare workers frame and make sense of these changes (Konlechner et al., 2019), what working with health data means for how clinicians understand their work (Cruz, 2022), the future of the medical profession, power relations/resistance, and time, space and role boundaries (Hassard and Morris, 2021). Submissions that examine how these impact staff identity (Cain et al., 2019; Chen and Reay, 2021), development and visibility, stress and well-being, work retention and modes of working will be welcomed. We encourage submissions of research conducted across a range of healthcare settings (mental health, social care, clinical settings, primary care) and national health services. We are interested in a range of emerging digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), platforms, smartphone apps and their underpinning processes and capacities, for example, for surveillance, monitoring and control (Hoeyer and Wadmann, 2020; Leonardi and Treem, 2020; Zuboff, 2015).”

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