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From ‘making up’ professionals to epistemic colonialism: Digital health platforms in the Global South

Dimitra Petrakaki, Petros Chamakiotis and Daniel Curto-Millet (2023), Social Science & Medicine

Where Automated Interviews Fall Short

Jaser, Z., Petrakaki, D., Starr, R., Oyarbide-Magaña, E. (2022) Harvard Business Review

After-hours connectivity management strategies in academic work

Aljabr, N., Chamakiotis, P., Petrakaki, D., Newell, S. (2021), New technology, Work and Employment

Social value creation through digital health activism in an online health community

Chamakiotis, P. Petrakaki, D. & Panteli, N.(2021), Information Systems Journal

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Digital entrepreneurship on retail platforms: A way to formalise employment for young people in Nigeria and the UK

Aymikun Idowu, Monica Richards and Jacqueline O'Reilly (2023), International Organisation of Employers

17 July 2023

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New report on digital retail platforms with the International Organisation of Employers

17 July 2023

Digit researchers have authored a new report on the opportunities for entrepreneurship afforded to young people by digital retail platforms.

Workshop: How will AI shape the future of HR?

14 July 2023

Discussions focused on applications and challenges of AI within the HR domain, the consequences for HR tasks and responsibilities, the required skills and knowledge, and the influence on value creation by HR professionals.

Digit Co-Director Mark Stuart joins APPG session on skills

6 July 2023

Professor Stuart discussed findings from Digit's Employers' Survey of Digital Practices at Work survey at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Future of Work.

Digit Innovation Fund Round 4 now open for applications

20 April 2023

The Digit Innovation Fund supports innovative research projects that advance our understanding of how digital technologies are transforming work.

Digit researchers author new policy studies on jobs in quick commerce

30 March 2023

Digit researchers have produced two new policy studies exploring work in the emerging quick commerce sector.  The studies were commissioned by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Uni Europa.

Digit researchers contribute to OECD report on AI in manufacturing and finance

28 March 2023

Digit researchers have contributed to a new OECD report examining the impact of AI on workplaces in the finance and manufacturing sectors.