DAIS Symposium 2024

22 October 2024 to 23 October 2024

Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Work and Employment: New Insights from Research and Practice

This two-day international symposium co-hosted by Monash Business School (Monash University, Australia), Jinan University’s College of Economics (China), Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (University of Sussex, UK), and RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia).

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technologies is reshaping industries and job markets internationally. It is displacing traditional jobs, creating new ones with distinct skill requirements, and changing the nature of work in a wide range of occupations in different geographical locations.

It is crucial to develop a deeper understanding of the profound implications of these developments for future employment, job quality, and productivity across different regions of the world, as well as enhancing our knowledge of comparative employment research.

This symposium will bring together researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the fields of digitalisation, AI, labour economics, employment studies, and human resource management.

This is the first in a planned annual series.

Details and deadlines for abstract submission

  • Abstracts (approx. 1000 words, no full paper is required) need to be submitted by 1 September 2024 to digit@sussex.ac.uk
  • Authors will be informed of acceptance by 15 September 2024
  • Registration must be completed by 30 September 2024


Participation registration is free; workshop participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation expenses.

Suggested topics

This symposium encourages presentations that cover, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

  • The digital transformation of industries and its impact on jobs and job quality
  • The role of AI in shaping the nature of work and human resource management practices
  • Reskilling and upskilling strategies for the digital economy
  • Inclusive employment practices in the age of digitalisation
  • Case studies of successful workforce transformation initiatives
  • Skill gaps and training needs in the AI era
  • AI and future job trends
  • Upskilling for the AI era
  • AI-related ethics and employment
  • Public policy frameworks for navigating the digital workforce
  • Policy and regulatory frameworks for workforce adaptation
  • Government policies and AI integration in workplaces
  • The conceptualisation of digital work and public service ecosystems

Organising committee of the symposium