Can HR adapt to artificial intelligence?

23 February 2022




How will the advent of new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies affect human resource management? On the one hand recent industry reports have argued that AI can dramatically enhance efficiency, productivity and fairness. On the other, popular accounts of AI stress the risks of bias, discrimination and unfairness in AI mediated decisions. In this talk, Professor Andy Charlwood argues that these problems are eminently solvable, but wider trends in the use of technology for organising work mean that there is a significant risk that the use of AI in HR and people management will degrade the quality of work. It is important to recognise that the HR profession has an opportunity to shape the future if it chooses to use it, so that fairness and ethics are at the heart of AI development and use.


Andy Charlwood is professor of human resource management at the University of Leeds and programme director of the Leeds MSc Data Analytics and HRM. As a founder member of he has a keen interest in understanding how new analytical technologies are changing the practice of HR and people management. He is also active in researching how analytics can be used to inform people management policy and practice in the social care sector through a number of National Institute for Health Research funded research projects.

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Charlwood, A. and Guenole, N. (2022), ‘Can HR adapt to the paradoxes of artificial intelligence?‘ Human Resource Management Journal (Open Access)