The Digit Artificial Intelligence Symposium (DAIS) is an international academic collaboration focused how Artificial Intelligence is transforming work.

The annual symposiums aim to identify key challenges, share the latest research findings, extend theoretical and policy debates, and consider potential solutions in a global context.

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technologies is reshaping industries and job markets internationally. It is displacing traditional jobs, creating new ones with distinct skill requirements, and changing the nature of work fundamentally in a wide range of occupations in different geographical locations.

The Digital Artificial Intelligence Symposium will develop a deeper understanding of the profound implications of these developments for future employment, job quality, and productivity across different regions of the world. The events will deepen networks and enhance our knowledge of comparative employment research.


Annual symposiums will bring together researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the fields of digitalisation, AI, labour economics, employment studies, and human resource management.

Symposiums will take place at the following locations:

RMIT University, Melbourne – October 2024

Jinan University, China – 2025

University of Sussex, UK – 2026

Lead organisers