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Recent Commentaries

Studying digital work: Combining UK social survey data with O*Net

9 November 2023

This Data Commentary examines how combining datasets can help researchers advance understanding of the effects of digital work.

Missing Data: Understanding UK firms’ investment in and use of new digital technologies at work

18 May 2023

This Data Commentary examines the limitations of existing employer-level datasets for policymakers attempting to navigate the digital transformation of work.

Measuring digital exclusion: Why what is counted is also what counts

29 March 2022

This data commentary offers a critical review of the evidence currently available to understand the nature of digital exclusion in the UK.

Recent Blogs

Encouraging technology adoption requires human capital investments, not just subsidies

26 October 2023

Aniket Baksy asks whether differing levels of investment in human resources underly differences in digital technology adoption between “digital superstars” and other firms.

Unpaid work and the case of open source labour

23 August 2023

How can a study of the unpaid labour involved in the development of open source software and code deepen our understanding of unpaid work in today's economy?

AI at work: can experts map the future?

24 July 2023

Will AI replace the humane in HR performance assessments, lead to a further boom in gig work or freeze worker voice in disputes?

Recent Pulse Surveys

Flexible working and the pressure to stay connected

5 October 2023

This snapshot of flexible working in practice highlights a number of issues as official guidance is updated to support the implementation of flexible working policies.