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Recent Commentaries

Measuring Labour Regulation: Worker protections around the world

6 December 2023

This Data Commentary explains how the updated Centre for Business Research Labour Regulation Index provides a measure of the strength of worker protections in law in over 100 countries.

Studying digital work: Combining UK social survey data with O*Net

9 November 2023

This Data Commentary examines how combining datasets can help researchers advance understanding of the effects of digital work.

Missing Data: Understanding UK firms’ investment in and use of new digital technologies at work

18 May 2023

This Data Commentary examines the limitations of existing employer-level datasets for policymakers attempting to navigate the digital transformation of work.

Recent Blogs

Will digitalisation of work worsen caste inequalities in India?

22 April 2024

Sudipa Sarkar and colleagues discuss their research into the possible impact of technological change on existing caste inequalities in India.

The dark side of social media influencer work

25 March 2024

Michael Beverland discusses his research into how social media influencers monetise their lifestyles.

Six ways that artificial intelligence will shape the future role of HR professionals

20 March 2024

Maarten Renkema and colleagues discuss their research exploring how artificial intelligence is reshaping the work of HR professionals.

Recent Policy Briefs

The economic effects of changes in labour laws: new evidence for the UK

Simon Deakin and Kamelia Pourkermani (April 2024), Digit Policy Brief

Better outcomes for everyone? The UK’s fragmented digital ecosystem of work and welfare

Jacqueline O’Reilly and Rachel Verdin (November 2023), Digit Policy Brief

Delivering flexible working in practice: an agile approach

Emma Russell (October 2023), Digit Policy Brief

Recent Pulse Surveys

Flexible working and the pressure to stay connected

5 October 2023

This snapshot of flexible working in practice highlights a number of issues as official guidance is updated to support the implementation of flexible working policies.