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Briefings on our latest research, blogs and in-depth commentaries from our cross-disciplinary research community.

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Resources for Researchers

Access to our data and information about our methods plus links to training and other useful resources.

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Recent Commentaries

Measuring digital exclusion: Why what is counted is also what counts

29 March 2022

This data commentary offers a critical review of the evidence currently available to understand the nature of digital exclusion in the UK.

Recent Blogs

Four ways digital technologies are changing strategy-making

2 February 2023

Enabled by digital technologies, so-called ‘open strategy’ initiatives are showing greater transparency and inclusion.

Mapping protest in platform work: Introducing the new Leeds Index of Platform Worker Protest

19 January 2023

The Leeds Index tracks where protests takes place, against which companies and over what grievances. 

Which skills are the skills of the future? That might depend on you!

12 January 2023

Fabian Stephany on why the value of learning a new skill is relative, as it depends on what we already know.