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In-depth, incisive and topical analysis of the big questions about how digital technologies are transforming work, drawing on the latest data.

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In-depth analysis of the latest data showing how digital technologies are changing work.

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Measuring digital exclusion: Why what is counted is also what counts

29 March 2022

This data commentary offers a critical review of the evidence currently available to understand the nature of digital exclusion in the UK.

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What can the data tell us about the pressing questions around digital technologies and work?

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Feeling At Home at Work? Inequalities, Inclusiveness, and Changing Work Environments

5 July 2022

Why “feeling at home” at work is impacted by intersecting inequalities such as racism, sexism, classism, and ableism, and shaped by workplace cultures and norms.

Does AI chatbot make a good colleague at work?

28 June 2022

Much of the focus on AI technology in the workplace has centred on whether it is replacing humans or not—but what happens when employees are asked to work alongside AI-based systems?