In-depth analysis of the latest data showing how digital technologies are changing work.

Measuring Labour Regulation: Worker protections around the world

6 December 2023

This Data Commentary explains how the updated Centre for Business Research Labour Regulation Index provides a measure of the strength of worker protections in law in over 100 countries.

Studying digital work: Combining UK social survey data with O*Net

9 November 2023

This Data Commentary examines how combining datasets can help researchers advance understanding of the effects of digital work.

Missing Data: Understanding UK firms’ investment in and use of new digital technologies at work

18 May 2023

This Data Commentary examines the limitations of existing employer-level datasets for policymakers attempting to navigate the digital transformation of work.

Measuring digital exclusion: Why what is counted is also what counts

29 March 2022

This data commentary offers a critical review of the evidence currently available to understand the nature of digital exclusion in the UK.