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The good, the bad, and the ugly of the contemporary popular music scene in India

6 February 2024

Aditya Lal on his research into the changing shape of the Indian recorded music industry in the age of platformisation.

What role can local government play in the future of warehousing work?

23 January 2024

Abbie Winton, Charles Umney and Gabreilla Alberti on how technological transformations are changing the nature of warehousing work and what role can local government can play in its future.

Research identifies the four email management strategies that work… and why

6 December 2023

Dr Emma Russell explores the four ‘super’ work-email actions identified in her research.

Deliveroo judgment shows how gig economy platforms and courts are eroding workers’ rights

4 December 2023

Steve Rolf and Jacqueline O’Reilly say gig economy workers are less protected as more companies create benefits packages for self-employed workers. Originally published in The Conversation.