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ChatGPT: from Farce to Tragedy?

15 May 2023

Simone Vannuccini argues that generative AI such as ChatGPT is a very powerful new tool, and yet it is just a tool.

What impact did Furlough Policies have on Workers’ Mental Health?

31 March 2023

Ioulia Bessa on new research comparing the wellbeing of those who experienced reduced working hours, or who stopped work completely, with those who continued to work full-time.

How to make automation work for workers

14 March 2023

David Spencer argues that if workers and society rather than big tech companies such as Amazon are to benefit from automation, they need to have a larger influence and stake in it.

Mapping our digital ecosystem can help policymakers drive digital transformation

6 March 2023

How can public sector organisations ensure digital transformation is good transformation? Rachel Verdin on why we need to start by understanding the UK's digital welfare ecosystem.