Our ESRC-funded research aims to increase understanding of how digital technologies are changing work and the implications for employers, workers, job seekers and governments.

Latest news

Digit to cohost Early Career Workshop at SASE Conference 2022

25 January 2022

The deadline to register is 21 January 2022.

“It’s not the tech, it’s how it’s used”

2 November 2021

Digit's Co-Director, Professor Jacqueline O'Reilly has been quoted in an article in the Guardian discussing the effect of technology-enabled home working on equality and inclusion.

£123,000 awarded in Digit Innovation Fund Round 2

28 July 2021

Projects awarded funding include research into the deployment of digital technologies in social care work and exploring disability, neurodiversity and remote working.

Latest Blogs

Is the ‘right to disconnect’ a red herring?

24 January 2022

Right-to-disconnect policies are gaining traction but are they a distraction from the real problem—too much work?

Moving beyond lip service on work life balance: are UK workers being left behind on the right to disconnect?

17 January 2022

As countries across Europe introduce additional protections around working time, should the UK follow in their footsteps?

‘Walsmart’: when AI hits the shop floor

11 January 2022

A new AI-hiring system at Walmart was designed to speed up recruitment and reduce bias, but would hiring managers be willing to put their faith in the AI to choose the right person for the job?

Forthcoming events

23 March 2022

There are many uncertainties in the current digital transformation. In this talk, Zlatko Bodrožić, discusses how collective organisational and public policy choices point to four possible scenarios.

30 March 2022

What do you need to cross the divide as an individual and what would a digitally included nation really deliver us?

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