Our ESRC-funded research aims to increase understanding of how digital technologies are changing work and the implications for employers, workers, job seekers and governments.

Latest news

Digit researchers attend labour and employment relations conference

9 July 2024

Digit Researchers presented their work at the International Labor and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) from 26 to 30 June in New York City.

SASE 2024 includes Digit events for early career researchers and mini-conferences

3 July 2024

Digit co-hosted an Early Career Workshop at the SASE 2024 Annual Conference, as well as running a blog-writing workshop and mini-conferences.

UKAIS & Digit event: The changing nature of creativity in the era of GenAI

3 July 2024

Digit is co-hosting an online event with UKAIS to invite contributions to a special issue on ‘The Changing Nature of Creativity in the Era of GenAI’ on Thursday 12 September.

Latest Blogs

Will digitalisation of work worsen caste inequalities in India?

22 April 2024

Sudipa Sarkar and colleagues discuss their research into the possible impact of technological change on existing caste inequalities in India.

The dark side of social media influencer work

25 March 2024

Michael Beverland discusses his research into how social media influencers monetise their lifestyles.

Six ways that artificial intelligence will shape the future role of HR professionals

20 March 2024

Maarten Renkema and colleagues discuss their research exploring how artificial intelligence is reshaping the work of HR professionals.

Latest Publications

A Chip War Made in Germany? US Techno‐Dependencies, China Chokepoints, and the German Semiconductor Industry

Julian Germann, Steve Rolf, Joseph Baines and Sean Kenji Starrs (2024), Politics and Governance

Coworking spaces and workplaces of the future: Critical perspectives on community, context and change

Jennifer Johns, Edward Yates, Greig Charnock, Frederick Harry Pitts, Ödül Bozkurt, Didem Derya and Ozdemir Kaya (2024), European Mangement Review

Varieties of digitalisation? A comparison of employment services digitalisation in the UK and Australia

Jo Ingold, Chris Forde and David Robertshaw (2024), Australian Journal of Social Science

The economic effects of changes in labour laws: new evidence for the UK

Simon Deakin and Kamelia Pourkermani (April 2024), Digit Policy Brief

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